Domestic Violence

Can a Husband File a Domestic Violence Case Against His Wife?

Can a Man File a Case of Domestic Violence?

Today we need to discuss here that when a husband tortures his wife for dowry. Mental abuse and physical and mental torture. And together with the family person, he annoys his wife on the matter. The family also bothers her, they abuse her on every talk and say nonsense things, so we all stand with that girl. So that her husband and in-laws should be punished. Or whoever is involved in it should be punished. If seen, it is good and it should be.

But to punish the wife and her family when the same atrocities are committed by his wife and her family on her husband and in-laws for false cases, dowry harassment case, domestic violence, property or money from desolation and divorce. And why is there no provision for jail sentences?

It is not necessary that every time it is the fault of the husband and his family members who torture their daughter-in-law or wife. Some cases are also filed in which there is no fault of the husband and her in-laws. The wife threatens her husband to convince him that she will send him to jail in the case of domestic violence and dowry.

Due to fear of which those people cannot do anything and remain calm and the wife keeps doing her own arbitrariness. So why can’t a husband file a domestic violence case to protect himself and his family from such harassment?

The wife registers a case of domestic violence. And the police also investigate it and submits the FIR to the court and the court also hears that case. Then why a husband cannot file a case against his wife for a false case and why the court does not sentence his wife to jail.

The husband can file a divorce petition only by filing a case of mental abuse. Any concrete provision for this by the Supreme Court should be referred.

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