Domestic Violence

Can a Husband Use the Domestic Violence Act Against Wife and Relative?

Use of Domestic Violence Act

The High Court of Karnataka held that any person, whether it is a woman or a man accused of violating the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, can enforce these provisions under the Act. Mohammad Zakir, who lived in Bengaluru, had filed a petition against his wife and her relatives. This will be according to the divorce law in India.

Judge Anand was hearing the plea filed. City Civil Court, Bangalore. Civil judges were not affected by this at all because the Domestic Violence Act is only for the favor of women, there is no mention that a man can file a complaint against the woman.

The High Court said that it should be noted that the aforesaid issue was subject to appeal before the apex court in the case of Hiralal P Harsora v. Kusum Narottam Das Harsora, in which the Supreme Court granted a part of section 2 (a) Had broken ) On the ground that it is a clear violation of Article 14 of this Constitution and the sentence “adult male” has been removed as it appears in Section 2 (q).

If the above sub-section is read after the removal of the expression ‘adult male’, it would appear that any person violating the provisions of the Act, whether female or male, violated the provisions of the Act and alleged violations of the Act. May implement the provisions under

“The court was of the view that in this case, the petitioner’s complaint cannot be dismissed on the ground that the Act does not consider the provision for men and it can only be for women.”

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