“Cybercrime” is the Biggest Challenge of Today’s Time.

As we all know. Everything has two sides, the party, and the opposition. Similarly, there are two aspects of technology ”Advantage and Disadvantage”.  When a crime committed through the Internet against a person for direct/indirect mental and physical harm by a person or a group of individuals is called “cybercrime”.


If we care to notice, the finances and security of a nation are also at risk because more and more work is now done through computers and the Internet. Cybercrime includes ” cyberstalking, credit card fraud, hacking, sextortion, child pornography, virus attack,” etc.


The confidentiality of information on some important documents is a concern due to rising cybercrimes. Modern technological advancement like mobile phones and the Internet has also made it more prone to cybercrimes. Negligence by authorities responsible for the safety of important documents on computer systems is one of the major causes of cybercrime.


The other important reason is that hackers are able to break complex technology such as biometric systems and firewalls easily. In addition, the operating system may have a flaw in a code that can use by cybercriminals to commit crimes.

The important reason for cybercrime is that its evidence can be easily destroyed and therefore the cyber offender can not be traced

There are some tips to protect you from Cyber Attacks.

  1. Passwords of your online accounts should change from time to time. Also, ensure that the password is strong. And Files encrypted.

  2. Use Social media in a confidential mode.

  3. Caution should be exercised when you input your personal information over the Internet.

  4. You should always keep security software on your computer and mobile and be careful when installing.

  5. You should always get information about the security features of that software.

Be happy.

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Anshika Katiyar

Anshika Katiyar


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