Divorce – Some Relationships That I Have Left Behind.

Alka was making tea in the kitchen in the evening. In December, it was colder this year. She was preparing dinner in her big kitchen and making tea for her in-laws, that’s when she heard the voice of mother-in-law from behind, and as usual, she was speaking against her maternal family. Alka felt sad but helpless. She thought that it is better to take Divorce than stay in such a house.

She was in her thoughts of divorce, that’s when she heard the sound of her husband’s car and felt relieved, but that relief was short-lived. Her husband was talking to his mother and suddenly starts to shout upon Alka, she felt heart-broken and starts to cry still continuing the household chores.


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After serving everyone’s food, and doing dishes she came to her bedroom and starts to convince herself to be happy about the luxury cars, furnished home, and other leisure items, but there was some emptiness that was eating her inside out.

She was thinking about what happened today, about all the times she had felt miserable and rejected, and the times she was physically and mentally abused by her in-laws in this house over silly mistakes.

She kept questioning faith, why is she suffering? as she always tries her best to keep her in-laws and her husband happy, was still craving for tender and kind words of affection from her new family.


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Suddenly she heard her mother-in-law calling her name, wiped her tears and ran to her mother-in-law and asked in a low trembling voice, “Maa Ji, Did you called me?”.

Her mother-in-law in loud voice shouted upon her” Guests will be home anytime soon, and you haven’t yet finished any work for their welcome, instead of paying attention to any household chores, you are always busy on phone with your maternal family cursing about Laws house.”

Alka was shocked to hear these blame from her mother-in-law but could do nothing but listen.


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Alka’s husband Rahul came home, and after hearing his mother’s word, without paying attention to Alka’s words starts to abuse Alka in front of the guests, Alka couldn’t control herself and spoke back to Rahul, Rahul could not keep up and gave Alka two or three slaps.

Alka also got angry, and pushed Rahul and went to room crying. The matter would have ended at that time, but Rahul considered it an insult to him and his family. His family made the matter more complicated.

Her in-laws called it shameful for the family, and in taunting, the in-laws said that “to date no woman in our family has spoken in such a loud voice, a woman who speaks in a loud voice to her husband is neither loyal nor loving.”


divorce, domestic violence

Alka was disturbed, so she called her close friend and told her about the incident and asked for the advice. Her friend told her about Aapka Advocate, and their easy procedure to get a consultation from an experienced lawyer. Alka booked the phone consultation appointment from Aapka Advocate.

The advocate heard about her case and helped her with the right procedure of divorce. Alka was able to get a divorce along with decent compensation and live a better prosperous life with the help of Aapka Advocate.

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