Domestic Violence

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Rise of Domestic Violence

In India, the case of domestic violence is a very concerning and serious problem. It is often seen that the spouse or the wife is physically tortured and harassed and even sexually abused. Such heinous crimes are no more a part of rural India and are quite common in the cities and among the well established and educated people in society.

Protection for Women Against Domestic Violence

If you want to get a divorce under domestic violence then you can get protection under the Domestic Violence Act 2005. Hindu Marriage Act 2005 clearly states that Cruelty is one of the heads under which you can file a divorce.

The definition of cruelty can be defined as any type of mental or physical harassment and injury which can threaten your life. In India, mental torture is judged not based on one incident but a series of incidents and sufficient evidence.

Under cruelty, you can file a divorce for-

  • Ill-treatment
  • Physical injury
  • Abusing for dowry
  • Sexual abuse
  • Mental torture
  • Verbal abuse
  • Threatening to harm physically

What to do in Case You are Suffering from Domestic Violence?

In case you are suffering from any type of domestic violence mentioned above you can file a case for divorce with any court. The Constitution of India gives protection to women who are suffering from domestic violence and it is your right to get justice.

Many times the women who are the victims of domestic violence are not able to get justice because they do not know how to get it. While filing a case they also feel guilt, ashamed, and shyness about discussing such matters of marriage with a lawyer or to police.

Challenges Faced by People Normally in Legal Matters

There are many challenges faced by women while filing and proceeding with a case on domestic violence-

Lack of clarity

Some don’t have any idea of whether a case can be filed in charges of domestic violence. And while many know they don’t have an idea on how to file a case for domestic violence.

Not having any idea of documents required

Most of the victims of domestic violence do not have any idea of the documents required. In most of the cases, there are many documents pending. This causes a lot of harassment and hassle for the spouse and their family.

They are easily charged way more

As the spouse doesn’t have any idea the lawyers and advocates charge highly. Due to a lack of knowledge, they end up paying such high charges.

Get Faster Resolutions With the Help of Aapka Advocate

Who we are?

Aapka Advocate is an online portal for resolving disputes. It has been giving online consultation and helping people to proceed with their cases since 2016. We help you to solve your problems and concerns in a wide range of matters with integrity and consistency. With us, you will be getting online consultation, telephonic consultation with some of the best reputable lawyers in the country.

We provide you legal help on RTI filing, Drafting legal notice, PIL filing, fraudulent matters, cheque bounce, and marriage registration and divorce filing. They offer you customized tailor-made solutions depending upon the need of the individuals. We help you to resolve the cases with a stipulated time.

How can Aapka Advocate Help you Against Domestic violence?

Aapka Advocate can help you to register a case if you are a victim of domestic violence and getting a divorce. We have experienced lawyers who can help people with getting suggestions and advice on how to approach a court for domestic violence and file a divorce petition. Our lawyers have a minimum of 12 years of experience in civil cases and know about the minute details under the purview of the law.

How to File a Case for Domestic Violence with Aapka Advocate?

We provide you a simple solution so that you can speak with our expert lawyers and get the stick to the right course of action.

  • For filing a case for domestic violence you have to visit our website and go to our link for ‘Phone Consultation for Divorce’.
  • Here you will see a form in which you have to fill up mentioning all the details.
  • After this, you will have to make the payment. Our fees are highly comparable with others and affordable for all.
  • Our lawyer will call you at the time you mentioned while filing the form. Now you can give complete details of your experience and get the right suggestions for you.

Charges for a Phone Consultation with Our Expert Lawyers-

Aapka Advocate has two pricing plans that are cheap and affordable for everyone-

Standard plan

Here you get a total 30 minutes in which you can discuss your case with our experienced lawyers and you pay just Rs. 900 for it.

Extended Plan

Here you get a full 60 minutes for discussion with our experts. You will be charged Rs. 1200 for this plan.

Why Aapka Advocate is the Best Friend for Getting Relief from Domestic Violence?

Get a consultation from experienced lawyers

With Aapka Advocate you will get some over the phone consultation with some of the best lawyers in the country, They will hear your case in full detail and then provide tips and suggestions on how to proceed with your case.

Faster resolution of your case

You can get the best guidance from our lawyers that help you to save both time and money. You will get a customized and hassle-free solution that is the best for solving the case quickly.

Get complete data privacy

Our lawyers are professionals and work with integrity. We help individuals get the best solution so that they can get justice. With us, you can feel safe that your facts and phone calls are private. Our layers work with you discretely on your case only.

Security in online payment

Our online portal is safe for payment and has many payment options as well. Our payment partners are Razor Pay that gives you complete security of online payment. Thus you can relax and pay easily on our portal.

So if you are a victim of domestic violence get a consultation with our expert lawyers today and bring justice to yourself.

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