Have You Ever Heard About the World’s Weird Laws ?

Have you ever thought or heard of the world’s most amazing and Weird Laws? Every country has different laws but sometimes some strange laws seem ridiculous or reflect the cultural value of the country. The following list of Weird Laws is given below

1) Chew gum chewing is considered illegal in Singapore-

Often people have chewing sticks on the doors of trains and metro in fun, whose doors are not open by the door, and they stick the chew gum in public places so the government banned it.

2) The exit of gas from the German Autobahn is illegal-

The reason for this being illegal is that due to the insufficient quantity of petrol, the highway stop can be avoided and it is a human error and hence punishable. The driver should be aware of this before driving.

3) Feeding pigeons in Venice is illegal-

Officials claim that the pigeons are hitting the marble statues and buildings of the city with their beaks, which are spoiling the things that are meant to reach the scraps of food given inside.

4) If registered as married in a hotel in North Carolina then that marriage is-

If an unmarried woman and man have registered as married couples in a hotel in North Carolina and if there has been an investigation, the law says that both men are now married. If you want to renew your marriage, there is no need to go.

5) Kite flying is illegal in Australia, Victoria –

In Australia, it is illegal to play all the games that cause trouble for the other person. Flying kite causes trouble for others, so it is also illegal.

6) It is considered illegal to fly in Milan, Italy-

Unless allowed to visit to see his patient in the hospital or at the funeral.

7) In Switzerland it is considered illegal to flush the toilet after 10 o’clock at night-

Switzerland has banned toilet flushing after 10 pm to reduce noise pollution at night in apartments.

8) In Georgia, it is illegal for your chickens to cross the road –

In Georgia, owners must control their chickens every chicken, if a chicken or rooster crosses the street, it is illegal.

9) In Denmark, it is illegal to name a child in any nonsense-

In Denmark, parents can only choose a name for their child from the same list of 33,000 names that are approved by the government.

10) Children in Poland are not allowed to wear a Winnie-the-Pooh T-shirt-

It is prohibited for children to wear a Winnie-the-Pooh cartoon character’s T-shirt or anything related to it because that character is considered inappropriate.

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Anshika Katiyar

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