Highlights on Some Hidden Myths About Rape in the Country.

When we talk about the number of Rape cases worldwide every year, those figures are very terrible. The most surprising fact is that many times our children also fall prey to this disgusting crime. The most common myths of Rape are often dispelled by poor media reporting.

The victim, who has been a victim of such a crime, always fears that they will be blamed for all this and no one will believe them. Myths about rape can reinforce fear and those feelings. Some such myths are given below:

1) It is a common myth that if no person opposes or fights for them, then they are not really Raped-

Through violence, they may suffer tonic immobility where they cannot speak or are able to get out of shock. During this sudden shock, most of the people are not able to fight against him.

2) Victims incite Rape when they act unethically or dress something aggressively-

There is only one question, then why are kids falling prey to it? Do kids wear nutrients aggressively or act unethically? The nutrition of any person does not indicate that you misbehave with him.

3) A male cannot be a victim of sexual assault-

Not so, a man can also be a victim of sexual abuse, sometimes they go through violence regardless of age, heights, and strength. It does not happen that only men are criminals, women can also be criminals.

4) Rape attacks are done by strangers only-

In sexual harassment cases, a large number of people are known to the victim: a colleague, a friend, someone they love, pre-dating, a classmate, and even a relative. They all have nothing to do with how good the relationship between you and the criminal is.

5) People with depression, alcoholism, stress, and taking drugs can also turn into rapists-

Depression and stress can turn a person into a neurotic patient but not a rapist. Drugs and alcohol are not something that can force a person to commit such a felony. This is not an excuse for the crime of misconduct.

6) Sexual violence occurs at the time when it is dark, so children and women should not go out in the dark-

Sexual violence can occur at any time and in any place. Usually, many such attacks occur in offices, schools, and places like houses where we think we are safe.

7) You can identify a rapist by his dress or form-

It is not that some of them appear normal, friendly, non-threatening, and smart. It is not possible to identify such a rapist.

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Anshika Katiyar

Anshika Katiyar

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