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How is Forensic Psychology Different from Criminal Psychology?

Forensic psychologists, as well as criminal psychologists, also help with criminal investigations, although each has a different role. Their work is mostly different because crimes happen for different reasons. To determine a crime, it is necessary to know the motive. The study was done for a long time to find out why people commit a crime or the reason behind the commission of the crime. Forensic psychology is different from criminal psychology.

Forensic Psychology:-

Mostly, a forensic psychologist assesses a person psychologically when such a person is involved with the law. This job involves the application of psychology during criminal investigations. They are required to visit the place where the crime has taken place and carefully examine the evidence collected.

A forensic psychologist may be required to provide expert testimony in court, assist law enforcement officers, evaluate whether a suspect in a crime needs to stand trial, to a reasonable conclusion. Can help reach?

A forensic psychologist also evaluates a person in relation to child custody cases, prepares correctional courses, evaluates a person’s mental capacity in relation to a case.

Criminal Psychology:-

A criminal psychologist examines the behavior of criminals in how they react, their thinking, body language, what to do when a crime occurs. In this job, a lot of research is done as well as cases are analyzed. Research can be time-consuming and the criminal psychologist must know about the innumerable case files or lives of the person who committed the crime and carefully analyze each and every minute in detail.

Going through previous cases helps a criminal psychologist to be better evaluated, although this requires time. Even they are required to participate in the trial. A criminal psychologist also has to go to court for expert testimony.

Criminals have a definite motive or intention while committing a crime. Therefore, it is necessary to understand criminal behavior because it helps to take a picture or to understand the des arp IP on and an idea that is to be expected.

So, a criminal psychologist examines behavior and studies the mindset of each criminal. The criminal psychologist has to consult for those who have committed the crime and even assess whether the offender has a tendency to commit the crime again.

The Conclusion

Therefore, criminal psychology and forensic psychology have a different role, they assist law enforcement officers during a criminal investigation.

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