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Is it Legal Right for a Woman to Have an Abortion ?

Whenever we come across such topics before people, it often comes to mind that abortion is a “Legal Right” of a woman? Every year about 7.5 million women have an unwanted pregnancy. The impact of these pregnancies depends heavily on a woman’s economic resources, her family ties, her health, and the availability of medical care.

The meaning of legal abortion, a woman is identified as a man. Clearly, this means that if a woman becomes pregnant with the excuse of being raped then the woman has safe passage. Women should have rights over their reproductive lives.

Most women secretly want to abort in countries where abortion is legally prohibited. The process of abortion is medically unsafe for the woman’s life-threatening. About 50 to 60 thousand women die annually due to secret abortion. It is responsible for their death.

While the right to health does not promise good health for all women, it is understood that the government is required to work to create conditions conducive to the satisfaction of good health and to deliver health care.

The woman has complete authority over her body. When pregnancy is left unattended, it has a tremendous impact on a woman’s emotional and physical well-being. Any decision is made for the fertility of a person, when different decisions have to be taken, it is absolutely untrue.

The government should not have any role in decision-making for pregnant women. Because only this woman can know whether she is ready to take the child or not. Some women have some obstetric complaints, such as excessive labor and bleeding. In that case, women are at health risk, which men may never experience.

Women who die due to unsafe abortion are proof of discrimination against difficult women. When a woman is sexually abused because of pregnancy, the loss experienced can rapidly worsen; Particularly, countries where there is a ban on legal abortions are left with such terrible options as women between ending their pregnancy and undergoing unsafe abortions.

Countries that license abortions if the woman is threatened on the basis of socio-economic grounds and the life of the woman, may possibly enact some laws to abort them if pregnancy occurs as a result of rape. The World Health Organization (WHO) has clearly stated that women who become pregnant due to rape of women should be provided safe abortion services. What is wrong with abortion if the country lawfully permits adultery is the Legal Right of people.

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Anshika Katiyar

Anshika Katiyar

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