Domestic Violence

Kavya Raise Her Voice Against Domestic Violence.

In our independent India, every citizen has the right to freedom of change. But change can only be done by a person who dares to fight against his loved ones, who can challenge society. Do not let the old orthodox rules and customs that have been in place since ancient times become disturbed in your path of change. Domestic violence is major issue with Indian. 

One day a person who is tolerating a crime silently can give a reply to those who have committed a crime, can raise their voice against them. Most people do not dare to raise their voice against domestic violence and they think all these things are just a hypothetical thing.

So, today we are taking you to the story of one such domestic violence, which will make you feel that change is possible. Just late to show you courage.


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This story is about a 20-year-old girl. It was only recently that she had completed 20 years that the pressure of marriage had begun to come upon her. Kavya wanted to study now, wanted to get many new experiences in life. She was yet to make her career.

Kavya was very beautiful and playful. His father thought that he was 20 years old, till when will the girl be kept at home. Many kinds of things happen in society. Many people ask many questions. Her family was so afraid of the society and pressure that they decided to marry her daughter without knowing his daughter’s mind.

When Kavya came to know, she was not happy with this decision but she did not say anything to the happiness of the family and strangled her dreams. Kavya started talking to the boy on the phone. She was happy that she can realize her dreams after marriage.


domestic violence

After some time, she got married. After all the customs, when she came to her Laws house, all went well for a few days. But after some time the behavior of her in-laws and husband changed very much. She started getting abused on every small thing.

Her in-laws bounded her for everything. Don’t go here don’t go there. Why the sari is worn like this, not a single part of the body should be shown, why the hair is open, Where is she going with so much makeup, what are you talking, with whom you are talking. Do not let alone out of the house. A new orgy every night. As if all this had become a part of his life.

The matter was not limited to the abuses and the assault had reached. they beat her for everything. She can’t talk to their parents. One day her husband hit her so much that her ear ached when she showed it to the doctor and found that her ear veil had been torn. Her head hurt so much. When she remembering her past, her spirit trembles.

divorce, blog

Tired of all these things, one day she called her father, and told him please Take me from here otherwise one day come to take my bier. Hearing this, Kavya’s father came to pick him up but thought that after taking him home, he will explain all the things to her and send her back.

Her father explained to her a lot, It all goes on, Don’t leave home like this. What will we show people, What answer will we give to people? People will misunderstand you. After convincing her husband too, they sent Kavya back.

The Torture of her in-laws on her was increasing day by day. She was very fed up with all these things then she decided that she would raise her voice against violence, she would file a case.


domestic violence, blog

One day her friend came to meet her, then Kavya told her friend what is happening to her and what has happened. Then her friend told me about the online portal Aapka Advocate.

Kavya registered for a phone consultation on that portal. The senior lawyer called her on his decided time and know about her problems and gave her proper guidance. Due to which Kavya managed to reach the jail for the accused who tortured her and Kavya got justice. Today Kavya is living a happy life.

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