Today, Desertion is a Very Big Reason for Divorce.

In the words of the common man,  desertion simply means to run away. Desertion is a major reason for Divorce. Desertion does not mean to move from a place, but to move from the state of things. This is its literal meaning. It is one of the obligations of marriage. It involves separation without any proper reason and husband and wife without consent from each other. 

It states that Desertion is the place between spouses that spouses are not in physical contact with each other. What could be the reason behind this? Perhaps there may be some reason for social or medical, but very often it is the cause of very bad behavior for both. It can also be an attraction for someone else.

Why does this happen? The reason for this is that whatever the person (husband or wife) expects from their spouse cannot be fulfilled. Therefore, the spouse needs to take care of each other’s attention and what is expected of you, what they want. This is just a mistake away.

In this situation, it is not necessary that the husband and wife remain apart but also live together and leave their duties and do not pay attention to each other and there is no relationship between them for a long time. Husband and wife do not talk to each other and do not agree on one thing and do not pay attention to each other. They start resorting to someone else for their work or for other things.

It is also possible that the husband likes another girl, he likes to spend time with her, so he does not pay attention to his wife, this thing can also happen to the wife. Desertion is rarely used as a basis for divorce, as divorce over a 2-year period requires mental intent. This can be very difficult to prove.

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Anshika Katiyar

Anshika Katiyar

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