Top 20 Legal Questions You Should Know About CRPC.

The following are the top 20 questions related to the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC) asked in various legal examinations and interviews. These questions will actually be helpful for lawyers in India who are preparing for civil judge examinations.

1) Does the Magistrate have the power to pass an order to register an FIR?

2) What are the duties and rights of justice of the peace?

3) Under which provision an appeal is filed against acquittal?

4) Can the police discuss a person in detail without a warrant?

5) If a person has been sentenced to 5 years in a 302 fine with a fine, filled plea, demand for bail, and suspension of sentence, can the same sentence be dismissed or not?

6) If SHO does not register an FIR, what are the remedies for that?

7) What are the provisions for the supply of documents whether it is mandatory or it is the discretion of the court?

8) Define the meaning of bail and also what type of bail describes the condition of pre-arrest and post-arrest confirmation?

9) What is the time limit for appeal against acquittal?

10) Application filed under section 544 CRPC to eyewitness/army officer in the trial court, he refused, Remedy?

11) What is the difference between an invoice and an FIR?

12) Define the charge and its phases? Can a person with one offense be convicted of another offense if so? When? Change and modification fee?

13) What is meant by a complaint? How do I get a complaint?

14) Is there any difference in the prosecutor’s appeal against the prosecution and the acquittal filed by the complainant?

15) Can the statement of accused 342 be considered a confessional statement?

16) What is the difference between remand (167) between judicial custody and police custody?

17) Can a person be considered as accused in many cases?

18) What does FIR mean and how is FIR different from complaint?

19) Define bail, the basis for grant and rejection?

20) If a person’s name is not mentioned in the charge sheet, provision, can he be charged?


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