Understand the Difference Between Law, Rule and Constitution.

Usually, we often hear “obey the Law” !! “Do not break the Rules. There is a difference between “Rules” and “Laws” and “Constitutions”.


The law is recognized by a specific country or a community and there is an organized group of rules that are set thereafter. It is a system of banning the actions of the people of a country and a society and if the people of the country violate those rules then they can be punished as a result.

Every country has its own different laws. Whatever laws are there, they become statutory laws of the time when they are passed by the Legislature of that country after making the bill. Laws are also made by the sovereign authority of that country and the ability to make it is given to other subordinate people.

It has controlled the behavior of people in society and has also described “DO’s” and “DON’T”. There are law enforcement agencies like judges, police. Law has principles, procedures, and standards or a set limit that we all have to follow. Those who violate the law can also be punished by the courts and may have to face community service, disorderly fines, etc.

Whenever any law is enacted, those who make it need to look at every aspect and angles and determine the consequences.

When the law of any country is broken, legal action is taken according to the law that is broken. But when it is made it has to go through a particular set of processes and it is created and determined by the special government of that country.



Generally, rules are instructions that give us an idea of ​​the things we are allowed and the things we are not allowed. Rules make laws. They are also guidelines for the efficient functioning of an organization or system. But rules are flexible, contrary to laws.

Rules can also be changed according to changes occurring internally in an organization or system or depending on conditions or people but are not as formal as the law. The enforcement of the rules depends on the person and the result of a violation of the rules depends on the person who enforces the rules.

Many times, rules are required according to the circumstances. The rules can be anywhere in a house or in a school. The rules are different from the law. There are rules in sports. Rules can be set by any person. And the person who violates the rules, then the consequences are generally mild.



The constitution is the top rule of the world. It performs three functions. The constitution makes a government, meaning the formulation of the government is according to the constitution. No government can change this on its own and like it. It gives some powers to the government so that the government can make laws, implement them in the country and establish harmony and peace, and honesty in the country.

It controls the powers conferred on the government so that the officials sitting in high positions in power do not run their own arbitrariness. Do not take any wrong decision against the existence of your country and never make a law that proves to be harmful for the people of the country.

The Conclusion

So it may seem simple to you but there are enough differences between law and rule and constitution. This can give clarity as to what should be elaborated as rules and what should be elaborated as laws. And what should be elaborated as the constitution?

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Anshika Katiyar

Anshika Katiyar

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