What are the Main Reasons Behind Committing a Crime?

Have you ever wondered whether the perpetrators ever think of the consequences? When they commit a crime do they think about the risks involved? What causes a crime? Is it mainly because of the circumstances that compel him to commit the crime?

1. Financial problem – It can arise due to unemployment, sudden job loss, or any other reason. Sometimes, such situations force a person to earn money in a wrong or dishonest way. It is good to remember that money earned in the wrong ways does not last long nor can it be of any use rather than temporary.

It is always good to earn money on the right path. Roads can be difficult but the money earned in the right way is always right because that money is earned in the right way and helps the person to live in dignity as well as become a role model for one’s own children.

2. Trouble in family life – When children in the family clash with their parents, it affects them a lot. At the stage when they are longing for love from both their parents, it can often be felt that a child is neglected or ignored by the confrontation between the parents.

3. Childhood Abuse or Behavior – When a child is abused or treated badly, it continues to haunt the young mind that ruins and spoils childhood. The wounds that he received in childhood now bother the child growing child. These internal wounds can reduce their confidence even further.

4. Under the influence of drugs – Once addicted to drugs it is difficult to come out of its effect but not impossible. Drugs not only ruin lives but also cause financial stress. In addition, drugs ruin a better part of life and even affect health. It is always better to stay away from addictions that spoil life, harm health, and so on.

5. When they are influenced by people of the same age group – This peer pressure motivates a person to commit a crime, even if that person does not like to commit. Mostly, this peer influence forces a person to come to a decision to commit a crime, even if it is not intended.

The conclusion

Trying to earn money or anything wrongly / wrongly never gives satisfaction nor satisfaction but goes through the right path, honestly always guaranteeing that life satisfaction will be found even as long as it is suffering And earned through struggles, and, finally, the victory of the day, honesty and truth.

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Anshika Katiyar

Anshika Katiyar


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