What is Difference Between Regular Bail, Interim Bail & Anticipatory Bail?

Regular Bail

Regular bail is granted by a court to a person after his arrest. When any person commits a non-bailable offense and cognizable, the police take him into custody. After the police custody period ends, then the accused should be sent to jail. Under sections 437 and 439 of CRPC, such accused can be imprisoned. We can therefore say that the accused may be released from custody to ensure his presence in a regular bail trial.


Interim Bail

Interim bail is granted for a brief period of time, it is granted by the court during the pendency of any application or it is granted until your application for regular or anticipatory bail is pending before the court. It is given with some conditions.

It can be extended and if its time expires as well as the accused person makes any demand to confirm it and/or before the court to increase or continue it, then release under it. Is quashed and the accused person is taken into custody and the warrant is issued against him.


Anticipatory Bail

Anticipatory bail is granted to a person even before his arrest, in the fear that he may be arrested for some time in a certain criminal offense. Nowadays it is necessary where influential people involve their opponents, in trivial and false criminal issues that can either harm their image, then for some period those people are arrested so that they can do their work.

It does not require an FIR which is filed against a person to apply for it. When a person anticipates the above-mentioned grounds for his arrest, he can apply for it before filing an FIR.

A person has the right to apply for it even after registering an FIR but one can apply for it before the person is arrested. Once a person is arrested, he cannot apply for it and it becomes mandatory to apply for regular or interim bail as the case may be.

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