Sexual Harassment

What is the Reason for Sexual Harassment of Women?

Sexual Harassment is more likely to happen to a woman. They often become victims because they lack strength, are more vulnerable and insecure, some lack confidence, or are socially responsible for suffering in silence than men. Huh.

The definition is: sexual harassment at the workplace, unwanted or unwanted attention of a sexual nature to someone at work, which causes distress, humiliation, guilt, or distress, and / or interfering with the job. It includes all such acts and practices of a sexual nature by one person or one person directed by more than one worker.

Catherine McKinnon was the first legal scholar to draw attention to the connection between sex discrimination and sexual harassment, says the author of Sexual Harassment of Working Women:

Women occupy lower-class positions, often relying on the acceptance and goodwill of men [superiors] for retention, recruitment, and advancement.

Being at the mercy of male superiors, the male links direct economic ties to sexual demands… it deprives women of material security and freedom that can help resist the pressures of unfair work to make it workable… for
women. Sexual harassment can occur largely because women occupy inferior job positions and job roles; At the same time, sexual harassment serves to place women in such positions.
For the purposes of this discussion, I am focusing your attention on the relationship between a powerful man and a less powerful woman.

Some of the reasons for sexual harassment are:

Socialization issues: The way men and women were brought to see themselves is different. They have different behavior and are always male-dominated. Harassment is often associated with prejudice in general, and for sexist attitudes. In many areas, women feel that they are born to please men and also that they are completely dependent on men.

Credibility Issues: Men raised in a good family, who know how to respect women, should not intentionally sexually abuse their power, which sexually harasses genuinely vulnerable people. But there are men who do not know how to respect women and may also be mentally affected. I should say that men can also be sexually harassed.

Confusion on attraction issues: In a world where affection and love between individuals are difficult for social and cultural reasons, attraction to a coworker is a complication.

Relationship Issues: In any case, where any two people have to complete a relationship, the pattern of behavior has to work consciously or unconsciously. The pattern can be intentionally exploited by one person or inadvertently by both people “… the way we have to get along with each other…”

Based on available research, I suggest that a person who feels sexually assaulted must take the initiative to discuss it privately with the alleged harasser. To do this, a person who is sexually assaulted has to risk the consequences.
However, if for any reason, the behavior does not mean sexual harassment, but confusion on behalf of the more powerful person on attraction issues, such a conversation will surface these feelings.
This will allow both people to say what they feel. The advice is that you have better say what you have to say to ensure the outcome. If working on a relationship with its limitations and understanding, a person who feels sexually harassed may be able to save their job and/or status without harm.

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