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Who is More Powerful IAS Officer and IPS Officer and Why ?

An IAS officer is considered more powerful than an IPS officer for some reason. Some of the following reasons are given below. The first reason is that the DGP of the state is the more powerful police officer of the state, but he has to inform the Home Secretary who can be an IAS officer.

Another reason is that all heads of central police, such as CBI, BSF, CRPF, report to IAS secretaries, who are often junior to IAS. IAS officers can get promotions faster than IPS. In most states, the SP’s performance report will be written by the DM when the SP is senior to him in several batches.

In a district, the Superintendent of Police under his jurisdiction report assigns the responsibility of the entire police to the DM who is an IAS officer. All this is done because in a democracy we need to maintain the balance of power.

The police are not allowed the freedom to raise their hands for enjoyment on the citizens. In large cities and metros, there is a commissioner system and at such places, it is the city police commissioners who can hold the powers of magistrates to act swiftly against anti-social elements.

When it comes to a state level, the DGP is required to report to the Home Secretary who is an IAS officer and the Home Secretary is not the boss of the DGP. They work in harmony with each other.

IPS officers are the tremendous system of the state and they are always followed by many disciplined policemen. Also, IPS officers have the right to investigate cases registered against IAS officers and they can also be arrested if they are found guilty. It is an IPS officer who controls many powerful positions such as DG, BSF, CBI, ITBP, and IB.

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Anshika Katiyar

Anshika Katiyar

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