Why Do Lawyers Wear Black Coat and Doctors White Coat?

Before the 19th century, both doctors and lawyers wore black coats. As time passed, the doctors changed the color of the coat to white to promote hygiene. The motivation to wear a black and white coat is the same. Both colors have their own meanings. Has there ever been a question in your mind that why do lawyers wear a black coat and doctor white coat?

This has been a tradition for many years. It is a fact that black cannot be written with any other color. Black is the darkest color available in the spectrum. This means that the decision of the judge is the final decision; it cannot be changed under any circumstances.

Whitecoat shows the purity of the profession. This affects the doctor’s picture. It is also a wall between the doctor and the environment. Most doctors have to be exposed to the chemical substances and body fluids of patients in the laboratory. The stain is easily visible with a white coat. This problem arises in the black coat. And it also helps to prevent infection from spreading.

This is an essential rule and a long-standing tradition that lawyers have to wear black coats. By the way, lawyers have different dresses in different countries. In India, under the Advocates Act 1961, all lawyers appearing in any court are required to wear a plain and dignified dress.

At the time of the British Constitution, this was the attire of lawyers. This never changed in India even after he left. Similarly, the dress has been modified slightly to suit other countries as well as their needs, local culture, traditions, and values.

But till now, in many countries, the old traditional dress of British i.e. black coat and the white neckband is being followed.

The attire of attorneys has a history of around three and a half hundred yearsIn February 1685, when King Charles II of England died, the public there started wearing black gowns to mourn the death of their king. The uniform was then employed as a black gown for the lawyer.

It is believed that wearing a black gown gives the judge and lawyer a degree of anonymity. Black was chosen as the attire of lawyers for the following reasons.

  1. The main reason behind this is that black color is a symbol of power and authority.

  2. Black color represents presenting itself in the same way as pastors wear black clothes to show their subordination to God

  3. Likewise, lawyers and judges wear black clothes to present justice.


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