Why is Divorce More in Love Marriage Than in Arrange Marriage?

In the Arrange Marriage, both spouses have no choice over their spouse, and a divorce is never an option. In some cases, people dare to speak and receive the support of their parents, so a divorce can occur. Divorce usually occurs when people do not tolerate the injustice or wrong things happening in their life and people are able to speak.

Women who work and are married are less concerned with greater life satisfaction than women who do not work. She considered her life safe and challenging.

They adapt to their current living conditions. But non-working women are less satisfied with their current lives. They are much more than working women in anxiety. It has also been noted that women who love marriage work more than women who arrange.

So women who arrange are less likely to be independent and find it extremely difficult mentally to get out of marriage. Because they think that if the marriage is over, then they will be told that they have no means to earn.

Expectations in Love are more convoluted than in arrange marriage. While spouses can easily work to resolve similar differences in any situation, whether it is a love or an arranged marriage, in general, decisions to carry out the marriage must be met individually. Is stronger than the decision.

The second reason is that the Arrange Marriage is a collective decision involving families on both sides but for the Love, it is mostly not so. At the same time, both are free to decide to ‘break apart’ in Love Marriage, and no one is particularly opposed to it. But in order to arrange, you learn to make love and harmony with your partner. Love you expect your so-called love which is only to adjust according to your comfort.

In many arranged, you come to love and interact well with your spouse. But in love you hope that you love and are getting married to work according to your convenience, do whatever you want.

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Anshika Katiyar

Anshika Katiyar

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