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You Need to Know Everything About Property Verification.

What is Property Verification?

Whenever someone wants to buy a property or take a home loan or mortgage the property against the loan or take the property on lease for a long period, it is necessary for him to get all the documents related to any property before buying Check and get the Property Verification. The owner does not get into legal trouble due to improper documents in the future.

At Aapka Advocate we have experts who are specifically dedicated to the purpose of verification of property documents and can get the best consultation about the process. Property scrutiny is never easy.

Property Verification Process: –

We take our client’s problem to our expert counsel and provide advice to that client, and make a report by inspecting the 12 years and 30 years in the office of the Registrar and Sub-Registrar.

Verification: –

Once we get the documents, then that lawyer will verify all the documents associated with the property to check the title and rights of that seller. The documents will also be verified to check the documents and proper stamp duty has been paid.

Documents required for Property Verification: –

  • Sale Deed
  • Sales Agreement
  • The legacy
  • Power of Attorney
  • Undisputed Deed
  • Partition Deed
  • Agreement

1) Sale deed: – It is the most important piece of paper required for property purchase. The sale deed is to be produced in the original as it establishes ownership of the title of the property. You have to register the property deed at the sub-registrar office of the area where the property is located.

2) Sales Agreement: – This document lists all types of information about the property – terms and conditions, date of occupation, payment plan, specifications, details about common areas and facilities etc. The agreement is also responsible for building the developer. Property This document is originally intended to be produced for the purchase of property and obtaining a home loan.

3) Power of Attorney: – This document is required to prove whether a particular property is being sold or purchased by an authorized person on behalf of the owner of the property. To get a home loan, it has to be produced in original.

4) Will: – A will is a legal declaration on a document about the distribution of a person’s property after his death. It is a one-sided document that is effective upon the death of a person who informs you of how money and property will be disbursed after your death.

Series of Documents: –

Property Title: –

The property title refers to the current owner of the property and is present in the records at the Office of the Deputy Registrar. The name of the title of the property has been recorded on the basis of which documents.

Mortgage Document: –

If the property is mortgaged for any debt, then this is known on the property verification report or inspection. Property can be bought or sold only when it is mortgage free.

Incentive Certificate: –

A certificate is issued when the property is free from encroachment like license, mortgage, property tax, etc.

Approved plan and built-up area: –

When a property is constructed in urban development areas. So before that, the map is passed to the respective offices. And the construction is done in the same way. Municipal corporations can put you in trouble if there is a difference between the two.

Property Tax Receipts: –

These receipts are proving that the seller is regularly paying tax on the property to the government.

Account Certificate: –

There is a map of the land by the state governments. The account is made according to the maps of the land by all the state governments. And the account of the new name is obtained by considering the registration filed on those accounts by the registry or other means.

Benefits of Property Verification: –

  1. The belief that the property involved in the transaction is free from lawsuits.
  2. It is easy to take a loan against the property after verification.
  3. Assurance that the seller has the right to sell the property.
  4. Avoiding transactions if fake or forged documents are presented.
  5. The seller may try to sell the same property multiple times and cheat people which can be avoided through property verification online.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

1) Why choose Aapka Advocate?

Lowest price guarantee
No office visit, no hidden cost

2) How to verify an online property?

Aapka Advocate provides the best solution for online property verification. For online property verification, you can follow the steps mentioned above.

3) Legal documents required for the purchase of property?

The list of documents mentioned above for asset verification is the documents required for the purchase of the property.

4) When do you need to do property verification?

Whenever you are buying a property, or leasing it, or taking a loan against the property, you will have to do a property verification to check the correctness of the property documents.

5) Who can do property document verification?

The experts at Aapka Advocate can do the complete document verification for you.

6) Is it necessary to verify the property?

Property verification is not mandatory. The property document is verified to remove any doubts in the buyer’s mind, such as title, ownership, encumbrance, etc.

7) How long will the property verification take?

Legal verification of property can be done through Aapka Advocate in a minimum of 5-8 days.

8) What is the fee for getting property verification done?

This varies depending on the case and depends on many factors. Join our expert to know the details.

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