Frequently asked questions

What is RTI?

RTI (Right to Information), established in 2005 gives the right to Indian citizens to ask for documented proof on how the government is functioning. This act endorses transparency and liability in the government institutions of the country.

How does Does online RTI application filing work?

Online RTI helps you file an application from the comfort of your home. In online RTI, you’re asked to fill a form with the RTI details; after you’ve filled the form and paid the fee, the experts will call you for a detailed discussion and will then draft RTI on your behalf, as per the government rules and regulations. They’ll then send the application to you for your approval by email, where you can edit or approve the same. Once approved, the expert will send the application to the concerned PIO address. You will get the information from the concerned authority within 30 days.

How do I track the status of my RTI application?

After we’ve sent your application to the concerned authority, you’ll receive a tracking number to check the status of your application as it goes through different stages of filing.

What is the charge for filing RTI application using

We offer standard and premium RTI filing plans, costing Rs 199 and Rs 249 respectively (No hidden charges).

What all payment options are available on

You can make payments via Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, Paytm and other e-wallets.

Will you provide a guarantee that I’ll get my information?

As per the RTI act, PIO must respond within 30 days of application filing.

What all can we ask using RTI?

You can get many vital pieces of information using RTI. Here are some of the common requests that people file.

  • Get answer copies of exams conducted by the recruitment board or any other board, e.g. IIM, UPSC, GATE, etc.
  • Income Tax refund and FIR status
  • Status of Passport, EPF, Aadhar Card, etc.
  • Marksheet verification
  • Information on MP and MLA fund utilization
Will receive the response to RTI application on our behalf?

No, we don’t receive the response. You’ll receive the response directly.

What if the government demands more money for the information, who’ll pay that?

The applicant will have to bear any additional fee demanded by the government.

What is telephone consultation?

Telephone consultation helps you get in touch with an expert to discuss your legal matter. The expert will have a detailed discussion to understand your case, and will then suggest a possible outcome.

What will be the duration of a telephone consultation?

We have a 30-minute standard call plan and a 60-minute extended call plan for you to choose from. Each plan will allow you to have a detailed discussion with an expert.

What if my query isn’t solved during a 30-minute call?

You can always extend your plan from a 30-minute to a 60-minute plan, even when you’re on the call.

What are the charges for telephone consultation?

A standard 30-minute call will cost Rs 900, whereas an extended 60-minute call will cost Rs 1200.